Bruno Munari. Pensare confonde le idee.

November 23, 2012

From November 24 to January 30, 2013



The exhibition, which celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the gallery, retrace the work of Bruno Munari through fifty projects carried out with different techniques between the ’30s and ’90s, including some pieces from Danese collection.

“An exhibition of works by Bruno Munari always involves the possibility of requesting new anchors with the totality of his creative world, with links between disciplines, junctions between aesthetic and scientific views, points of connection between the testing procedures and fantastic stimuli. The works are related to key aspects of the invention methodology of Munari, communicative field that oscillates between the act and the experimental teaching, including mental rigor and sensitivity of operation, and individual faculty involvement as an active player. Meet Munari world means to cross thresholds that lead to other territories, cognitive assumptions that are followed in a rush uninterrupted creative energies as sources of imagination that regenerate. Different lines of research communicate a sense of fantasticazione that comes directly from the experience do away from the obsessive control logic, maintaining a fluidity of thought open to any surprise.” Claudio Cerritelli

Opening: Saturday, November 24 – 06:00 pm

Galleria dell’Incisione –¬†¬†Via Bezzecca 4, 25128 Brescia – Italy

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