February 28, 2014

Always Danese pays particular attention to the energy consumption of its products starting from the project stage ensuring excellent performance and taking care in the selection of sources that provide greater efficiency.

In accordance with the EU Regulation 874/2012 are now available energy labels of all lighting fixtures Danese .

By entering the code of the selected product, you can view and print the corresponding energy label, fundamental and immediate tool to assess its consumption.

The product codes are visible on our datasheets available online in each product page or in the download area, on product packaging, catalogues and price lists.

See the energy label:


LEED Certifications

June 27, 2012

Sensitization to the ecology of Danese translates itself into concrete and transparent choices .
Danese started an experimental research that is centered around the concept of “reduction”, which does not want to say though reduction of meaning and performance of the product. The design gesture today broadens its horizons and look to its responsibilities to a world increasingly in crisis. This approach results in the optimization of components and the synthesis of performance, the aluminum is recycled and recyclable, and the ease of disassembling is assured. The use of LED light sources ensures a reduction in consumption by about 80%, minimizing the impact of the use phase of the product life cycle and prolongs the duration of at least 80,000 hours.
“UNA PRO” is a patented system for LED lighting, consisting of a series of LEDs high power applied at close range of flat plate with reduced thickness, according to a configuration of the same and the materials that support them, which guarantees the achievement of particular performance in terms of brightness. In addition, LED lighting does not generate heat.
About the LEED standards , the great efficiency of UNA PRO is a perfect choice and functional achievement of certification in category score of Energy and atmosphere, but it is significant contribution to the achievement of other LEED credits ergonomics, the absence of mercury and light pollution.
To learn more about the contribution of LEED certification for environmentally friendly products visit


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