Environmental Innovation

Danese is involved in all those issues concerning modern society’s environmental responsibilities, respecting the planet and acknowledging the importance of the contribution of any single human being. danese’s products are characterized by essential qualities such as very long durability of the materials and semantics. this is thanks to the use of an elementary form of communication of the shape, ample performance flexibility, versatility, choices of materials, quality productivity and easy maintainability. the entire life cycle of danese products is planned on the basis of a subtraction principle and foresees conscious choices concerning productive and logistic processes, to which the simplest and the least expensive technologies are favoured, energy consumption is reduced and renewable resources are used. the choice of a selective and strong collaboration with local productive factories, which excel in industry and handcraft, establishes a strong bond with the territory empollering resources and minimizing transport flows and emissions. Our environmental preservation strategy aims at outweighing the negative impacts of manufacturing processes and at developing new eco-compatible and energy efficient products. Our main objectives are: -Optimize the utilization of energy and natural resources; -Reduce environmental negative impacts and enhance positive ones; -Improve environmental performance; -Adopt sustainability and ethics policies to preserve the environment; -Sustain a sensitive approach to environmental issues favoring ethical and sustainable consumption; Each product of light collection is planned while strongly considering energetic effi ciency aspects, with a particular emphasis on use consumption: from low consumption and long lasting sources to the study of appliance effi ciency in projecting them. Choices of shape and material are not made on the basis of purely aesthetic criteria but on effi ciency to optimize stream and quality light. Danese has always been taking care of keeping its products updated from a technological and performances point of view. All the products in recent years are designed to support the latest sources, fluorescent or LED. The historical products have been updated to mount energy saving sources such as compact fluorescent or high efficiency halogen lamp. Some of them have also been newly designed to admit LED source. This commitment allows us to offer a completely sustainable collection that is also effective from a lighting point of view. The experience gained in the lighting fi eld is conveyed in products where quality light is central and light performances are technologically monitored and put in relation nwith emotions and perceptions. A good balance between energetic commitment and space performance dynamic is sought, focusing on men’ s needs and behaviours.