Roger Arquer, 2016

Funnel Vase is a ceramic flower vase with two opening: one to welcome flowers, the other a side opening in a funnel shape for water replacement.
It’s the unexpected interpretation of a common gesture.
It blends two forms related to different functions: holding and pouring. Doing so it adds new functions to a common objects, an unusual fusion that seems natural.
The opening helps the action of changing the water of the vase without taking the flowers out of the pot.
The old water can be poured out though the funnel and fresh water could be poured back to the vase using the funnel opening, without a mess.
Funnel vase could be freely interpreted, not only as a flower vase but as a instrument to take care of other plants.
It’s made in raw white ceramic, finished with a protective way; combined with this natural finishing comes a sky blue lack in two different version

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