H.P. Horizontal Program

Arik Levy, 2016

Horizontal Program is a flexible system for the house and the office, a self-standing elements composition which insert themselves in the environment and follow the different cultural density. It develops following a modularity that allows simple and regular compositions as well as complex and articulated ones that combine the functional and aesthetical characteristics of basic elements.

The main structural element it’s a bended metal back, in three heights and two lengths, with cuts for the joints of the wood shelves. This system, with its extremely simple assembling, grants a optimal structural strength even if self-standing, allowing the element to enter the place and design the space.
The structures are designed in two versions, distinguishable from the different space schemes for the instance of the shelves: one more free and irregular to welcome everyday’s necessities, another sharp and defined with standard measures to organize and manage volumes and documents.
This two versions follow a smart spatial organization in levels, so they actually can be connected to each other having some shelves positions in common, which allows to link the structures even if they have different heights.
This system has indeed a productive industrial intelligence, a great flexibility and a easy assemble, disassemble and dismissing: only two kind of components, two materials that got together without screws, glues or other fixing systems but a simple joint. The back’s geometry leaves a little gap of space between the actual back and the shelf, allowing the passage of electric cables.
The compositional flexibility it’s enriched with the possibility to freely combine dark bright tones both for the shelves and for the structure.

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