“Mobile Life is an extension of research on the hybrid space that joins home and professional venues, in this case on the object scale” Mobile Life is the evolution of Double Life, a small reversible piece of furniture that offers a restyling of 18th-century low tables, presented in 2015.
Matali continues its research on cross-design, on new hybrid type forms conceived to adjust to modern daily life. Adding useful wheels which allows the structure to move, it became perfect as a supporter cartwheel for service or adapting itself to multiple uses, not only domestic. The dimensions are different but the main principle is unchanged: a structure which sustain the trays, which themselves became shelves and close the sides. Each side tray is supported by a simple magnet joint that allows easy and quick removal and mounting. They are made of light aluminium, with steel inserts in the corners for magnet coupling. These brightly coloured details enhance the product’s character. Double Light implements a space saving concept: a compact volume opens up to create bearing surfaces and provide a variety of functions, and is then restored to the original composition to house the life it contained. When closed, it looks like a stimulus to keep thing tidy. The two inner trays allow to store all objects in a compact volume. When open, it stimulates informal behaviours, such as a snack break from work.

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