Atelier Oï, 2016

Conceptualized at first for the MOITEL project, for which have been developed different objects, SINUA reveals a domestic dimension as a composition element and separation structure, to fulfill the requires and needs of the place.

Its innovative develop is characterized by the possibility of multiple uses. Sometimes curtain, sometimes divisor of storage elements, also with acoustic properties, Sinua’s hook guides the material in a smooth movement, regular and structural, endless. The hooking occurs through little raw gaps in the fabric that, without reinforcements, influences on the seal and weight of the cloth. It’s then animated, seconding its structure and moving in a wavy manner. The hook of Sinua transforms itself, playing with the functions of microspaces and storage elements, as a chameleonic organism adapted to customized needs of users. For Danese, Atelier Oi opens the prospective of the application of this compositional principle to microarchitectures and light systems.

Sinua is a alphabet of elements able to dialogue with spaces and light, starting from a few and simply components. The base element is a hook with a triangular geometry which sustains the fabric drawing smooth waves. Starting from this language instrument, intentionally industrial, a whole world in created, each time with different material, acoustic, visual and functional properties. Indeed, with the hook are combined fabrics with different materiality and properties, structural elements in electroweled grid and two kind of binary, bended or linear.
With a systemic intelligence it’s possible to recreate new relations with and between spaces and define new experiences, not only in private spaces. The system could be freely interpreted with any kind of fabric but initially two types are proposed: a light natural felt 100% wool with acoustic absorption or a or a plastic technical cloth that shield meanwhile leaving the light free to pass.
Starting with the few components admittedly simple and with an industrial language it opens the free interaction with spaces and the possibility of recreate spaces in space to store, close, divide, subdivide or expand environments. The binary could be suspended, fixed on the ceiling, on the wall, hanging or sustained by the angular structure in the grid. The structure sustain the binary that can develop freely, suspended in space, or even create closed structures to storage things. The system can evolve freely timewise to follow the changing of needs. The construction is easy and elementary, some joints connect the binary to each other and some compasses allow the fixing of binaries to the grid of angular structures. These are sustain to the binaries but also support for accessories: hooks to hang the shelves of the system itself, but also perfect to hang objects and tide up, even interpret the structure according to the needs of different spaces contaminating Sinua with elements alien at the system.
Sinua describes a project syntax from the single element to complex structures. Sinua perfectly interprets the will of Danese to work not on the single “closed” defined objects but on the system, with a transversal intelligence able to make the man author of his own spaces, to mold it according to the rhythm of his life.
The language intentionally easy and elementary and the object trouvè poetry make Sinua a witness of projectual values and the expressivity of Danese collection.

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