BIG, 2016

With few essential elements Window Garden defines an instrument to take care of ourselves and nature around us, meanwhile creating a relation with spaces. The vase, in white china printed at high pressure, it’s the principal element with a smart section to allow hydroponic culture. Its combined in different version thanks to ever elementary structural element, self standing or in suspension. The vase hides in its section a functional intelligence connected to the hydroponic culture. This type of culture allows even in usually prohibitive contexts a year-while constant production. Plants are irrigate in a controlled way, the necessary water is minimal and there aren’t wastes. Water is filtered by the little soil or the substrate, the internal coating helps to keep what is needed. Its inclined geometry define an internal area on the base in which is stored a little water reserve, the excess is free to flow out from the vase through a little gap in the base. This allows the nutrition of the plants under the first by water falling, as the vases are connected one to the other whit a little tube. The irrigation system functions not only with a pump but independently too, by falling. The vase has a little notch that follows the circumference to fix a steel cable with one or two slots and attach itself to the structure. The self standing version is a rod that sustain three vase side by side or even seven one on one. The suspension version allows to match different elements in vase waterfalls, sustained by steel cable that divide the spaces or that develop along the windows.

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