May 4, 2015

Danese Showroom 2015

EUROLUCE 2015 stand virtual tour

April 20, 2015

Stand 2015

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James Irvine: an Englishman in Milan

April 20, 2015

jamesJames Irvine: an Englishman in Milan

A tribute to the designer and to the relationship with Milan.


Edited by Maria Cristina Didero and Marco Sammicheli


Museo Del Novecento

Via G. Marconi, 1 – Milan  

09:30 – 19:30 // lun 14.30 – 19.30 // giov 09.30 – 22.30 |


“An Englishman in Milan” is a compact macro-representation of the Irvine’s world ranging from a selected range of products, prototypes, collections, drawings, inspirations and materials.

The installation, created in collaboration with Studio Irvine, reconstructs to scales beloved treasure box and weaves a dialogue between designer’s personal objects and master’s works such as Fortunato Depero and Umberto Boccioni, selected by curator and obtained by the permanent collection of the institution.

“James is a great friend, with him I shared since the beginning the Danese’s adventure, he has been a generous and constant presence in the growth of the company. When I decided to relaunch Danese’s brand so as to renew a tradition that has its roots in the Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari’s work, I immediately thought about James whose I appreciated the work so much to be his loyal collector. In all of his products designed for Danese it is evident both his great talent as designer and his ironical and playful spirit, as well as his humanity and passion which he has always dealed with his work. I think that James made an historical period of industrial design as a protagonist and I feel myself privileged for working with him.” Carlotta de Bevilacqua 



September 9, 2014


 Danese and Artemide are delighted to confirm their presence at Jean Nouvel’s event from the 6th to 13th of September, during the Paris Design Week 2014, with a selection of innovative products as Moritz, Monocromia and Quadricromia for the Danese Space collection and Objective and Equilibrist for Artemide.



August 29, 2014

During the London design week in London Danese and Artemide introduce their synergy in several events: contemporary masterpieces and bestsellers Artemide illuminate historical pieces of Italian design producted by Danese interpreting with charm and uniqueness the culture of light and project and they show the philosophy of these two Italian brands that combine history and innovation in their products.


13th – 21st September

Contemporary Masterpiece e  Novità Outdoor & Architectural 

Artemide London showroom, 106 Great Russel Street, London


12th September – 31st December

Artemide ed Elliot Erwitt ‘A Tribute To Light’ 

Italian Consulate General, 83-86 Farringdon Street, London






June 23, 2014

Il programma “industrial Design” di Sky Arte dedica un documentario a Danese: un racconto tra storia e innovazione attraverso interviste inedite ai protagonisti del suo costante percorso di ricerca che ha segnato la storia del design italiano.

Guarda la preview


June 23, 2014

Francisco Gomez Paz Video

April 29, 2014

Matali Crasset Video

April 29, 2014

Giulio Iacchetti Video

April 29, 2014

Enzo Mari Video

April 29, 2014

Paolo Rizzatto Video

April 29, 2014

Milano Design Week 2014 Virtual Tour

April 29, 2014

Milano Design Week 2014 Showroom virtual tour


Milano Design Week 2014 Headquarters virtual tour


March 3, 2014


February 28, 2014

Always Danese pays particular attention to the energy consumption of its products starting from the project stage ensuring excellent performance and taking care in the selection of sources that provide greater efficiency.

In accordance with the EU Regulation 874/2012 are now available energy labels of all lighting fixtures Danese .

By entering the code of the selected product, you can view and print the corresponding energy label, fundamental and immediate tool to assess its consumption.

The product codes are visible on our datasheets available online in each product page or in the download area, on product packaging, catalogues and price lists.

See the energy label:



January 20, 2014



rotonda della besana, milan

January 24, 2014 – March 31, 2014 


MUBA opens the cycle of cultural and artistic projects dedicated to childhood at the new permanent home of Rotonda della Besana with the exhibition Boxes.

In this exhibition, the boxes will be the protagonists, not just containers for storage or another guard, but content themselves to be discovered.

There are boxes that speak of geometric volumes and mathematics, meaning, music, science, history, similarity and difference, dreams and memories and stories. Boxes that do not seem boxes. Boxes to explore, to learn and to invent.

Among these also Cellulae of Danese, an open system built from a series of transparent cubic modules that create energy and accumulate it locally, which feed on carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, which generate interaction with humans and the environment, creating a landscape where “take care” where the light is good protagonist.

A presence that anticipates a path of collaboration that Danese will develop to support the work of the MUBA Foundation.


Adi Design Index 2013 : selezionato Double Size

October 1, 2013


The innovative convertible table Double Size designed by Matali Crasset for Danese has been selected for the ADI Design Index 2013, the annual publication of the Association for Industrial Design ADI that collects the best Italian design put into production, selected by the Permanent Design ADI.

With this pre-selection Double Size participate in the Compasso d’Oro , awarded every three years by an International Jury.






Along with Double Size participate in the next Compasso d’Oro well three other Danese products selected in previous years:

– Yap, di Paolo Ulian, selection Adi Index 2012

– Stratos, di Francesco Faccin, selection Adi Index 2012

– Una Pro, di Carlotta de Bevilacqua, selection Adi Index 2011


Paris Design Week: Quadricromia presented at Jean Nouvel Design Studio

September 6, 2013

Read more about Quadricromia project:



August 2, 2013

DUE from Danese Milano on Vimeo.


August 2, 2013

Una Pro from Danese Milano on Vimeo.

Milano Design Week 2013 Showroom virtual tour

May 7, 2013

Milano Design Week 2013 Showroom virtual tour

Milano Design Week 2013 Factory virtual tour

May 7, 2013

Milano Design Week 2013 HQ virtual tour

Euroluce 2013 virtual tour

May 7, 2013

Euroluce 2013 virtual tour

Resilient Innovation.

April 8, 2013

From 9 to 14 April, 2013



Resilient innovation gives rise to long-lasting projects that are capable of keeping up with mankind’s evolution and the planet’s changes.  These are new solutions that respond actively to change without invading the space, yet adapting to changing needs and improving environmental quality. A world that is not always in balance inevitably impacts our day-to-day activities, therefore projects ought to be significant, flexible and transversal. The idea is to build significant relationships among people, objects, space and light capable of coping with any change by offering new opportunities supported by an elementary yet resilient solution. This constructive and sustainable project, which is based on responsible innovation, focuses on men’s rights and duties and interprets the dynamics of universal values. 

Euroluce 2013

Milan Fairgraund, Rho

PAD.11 stand C19 / C29  D16 / D28





PROject: oFFICe for living

April 8, 2013

From 9 to 14 April 2013 


The absolute protagonist of Salone Ufficio is a research exhibition organized by Jean Nouvel: “office, a place to live”, a project that demonstrates how “personalizing and interpreting your own workplace makes life more enjoyable.” The evolution of modern offices affects how the different spaces change around us. We use our domestic environment as if it was an office during the day and throughout the week, while it is also our cozy home at night and at weekends. Hence, objects and furnishing elements are versatile; they must adjust to the different functions according to family needs.  Jean Nouvel considers very important the possibility that we have now of transforming and interpreting different ambiences. Environments that used to be rigorous and aseptic have now become scenarios that can be adapted according to one’s need. Danese’s products provide responses for all requirements since they are very adaptable: various kinds of furnishing elements that blend harmoniously and functionally with different areas, creating environmental quality. Danese allows users to arrange new office spaces in a flexible manner, providing versatile products: convertible and adaptable traditional and modern furnishing elements and innovative lighting systems that satisfy the needs of the individuals. In particular, a dedicated laboratory within the installation is set up for Luce: a theoretical project that teaches how to manage the light and the luminous intensity, in contrast to the standardized lighting that is now adopted in the offices of today. This project aims at providing insights on how important lighting and perceptual properties are in a workplace: a darkened room in which five light installations give the opportunity to realize how we approach lighting in the office based on the different design contamination principles and interpretations. Among these five light installations, “Dynamic Interactive light” represents the possibility to manage lighting, both in terms of space and light intensity. The lighting system used is a 100% suspension, designed by Ross Lovegrove for Danese, which emits a controlled light that interfaces man and technological devices in the workplace with a non-invasive approach. Freedom to express your own preferences and personalize your own spaces has always been one of Danese’s driving forces: it is freedom that makes the individual aware and responsible for the quality of his space and relative lighting choices.

Salone Ufficio Milano Fairgrounds, Rho

Triennale Di Milano: TDM6 La sindrome dell’influenza

April 8, 2013

6 April 2013_23 february 2014



The 2013 edition of the Salone del Mobile sees the renewal of the Triennale Design Museum, which reveals once again its dynamic nature, capable of changing itself over and over again and offering its visitors different engaging fresh paths. The sixth edition of the Triennale Design Museum is dedicated to a set of attitudes typical of Italian design: the curiosity for what is unknown, the ability to assimilate what is new and the eagerness to approach different styles and cultures. “The influence syndrome” is typical in the design world: you can affect  anyone´s inventiveness in an unlimited number of ways. To convey the complexity of this phenomenon, the sixth edition of the museum is organized into three parts, corresponding to three exhibition areas and three historical moments since World War II:

– Part one: the foundation of Italian Design 

– Part two: the creative destructive force 

– Part three: the new context

The third part presents the way new design brands relate to the “Made in Italy”. The story is told through installations: 12 showcases that represent Italian design as trendsetter in this world. These showcases are interpreted by 12 designers who are among the best witnesses to the design evolution that has been taking place all over the globe. One of the main protagonists is Danese in collaboration with designer Matali Crasset, who gives expression to those project values and experiences that he has been sharing with Danese over the years.

REBOOTS SPACE SENSITIVE UPDATE by Matali Crasset for Danese 

A symbolic vision of Danese as a reconfiguration ritual. Essential human presence in terms of expression and interaction. A paper tape draws the shape of the contours of men and are illuminated from the inside. A representation of men and life embodied by the light that comes from within and its environment (the space around expresses the context and the fundamental values of the company). A still image of a moment is a known metaphor that men have evoked from time to time, their living together and a habitat to human scale. The minimum of the material to show the essential and find the meaning of their actions. Men are given priority once again. Human nature is seen as the key to find the right balance within human interactions and natural systems. Men have to apply technology and use all their potential and creativity as well as be ready to face the challenges of today’s society. The design stems from a combination of social innovation, technology and new designs and practices for a responsible development of the project.

Triennale Design Museum

Tuesday – Sunday 10.30/20.30

Thursday  10.30 /23.00





April 8, 2013

22 March – 29 September



In a time when it is our duty to investigate alternative non-oil based energy sources, smart grid represent the most sustainable hypothesis in environmental, energetic and economic terms.Right to Energy is a form of energetic democratization in which everyone can transform and exchange energy, which will finally be free and accessible to all.The nodes of the energetic network are the power stations of the future:intermodal and social centers, in which we will be able to exchange energy and data,interacting with one another as in a market, or rather in a energy mall. In the energy malls one can pass from long-distance “volumetric” veicles – i.e.: flights, trains, and cars -to short-distance “corporal” equipement – i.e. : the bicycle as corporal device to experience the environment, transforming and accumulating energy to be reused later. Right to Energy investigates the places of energy exchange, from collective to individual, through which revealing the landsacpe and promote a renewed sense of community.


MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo

Via Guido Reni 4/A – 00196 Roma

Altagamma – Italian Contemporary Excellence

December 12, 2012

From December 13, 2012



Italian companies of excellence and ten famous photographers, a book and an exhibition at the Triennale, Milan. Fondazione Altagamma presents a mosaic of pictures to exalt the beautiful, the good and the well-made of Italy. 

On its 20th anniversary, Fondazione Altagamma presents ALTAGAMMA – ITALIAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE, a photographic project to recount the values that have enabled the assertion of Italian top of the range in the world, and the relevant companies, through the language of images. The art of knowing how to do and to think, sense of beauty, connection with the territory, culture, ability to excel in the world, talents, craftsmanship and technology, innovation and creativity, style and the art of living – Altagamma’s challenge is to represent the values of Italian quality products which have ordained their success. 

ALTAGAMMA – ITALIAN CONTEMPORARY EXCELLENCE is a collection of snapshots by a new generation of reporters whose unconditioned, and not didactic, gaze was given the task of giving a new point of view on the excellence of the companies which are part of it. Ten Italian photographers created a mosaic that exalts ‘the beautiful, the good and the well-made’ of companies through eyes untamed by habit and still able to astonish. 

Opening: Wednesday, December 12 – 06:00 pm

Triennale di Milano – viale Alemagna, 6  Milano – Italy

Bruno Munari. Pensare confonde le idee.

November 23, 2012

From November 24 to January 30, 2013



The exhibition, which celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the gallery, retrace the work of Bruno Munari through fifty projects carried out with different techniques between the ’30s and ’90s, including some pieces from Danese collection.

“An exhibition of works by Bruno Munari always involves the possibility of requesting new anchors with the totality of his creative world, with links between disciplines, junctions between aesthetic and scientific views, points of connection between the testing procedures and fantastic stimuli. The works are related to key aspects of the invention methodology of Munari, communicative field that oscillates between the act and the experimental teaching, including mental rigor and sensitivity of operation, and individual faculty involvement as an active player. Meet Munari world means to cross thresholds that lead to other territories, cognitive assumptions that are followed in a rush uninterrupted creative energies as sources of imagination that regenerate. Different lines of research communicate a sense of fantasticazione that comes directly from the experience do away from the obsessive control logic, maintaining a fluidity of thought open to any surprise.” Claudio Cerritelli

Opening: Saturday, November 24 – 06:00 pm

Galleria dell’Incisione –  Via Bezzecca 4, 25128 Brescia – Italy

ADI Design Index 2012 – Stratos e Yap

October 3, 2012

Danese has stood for innovation, research and environmental awareness in this edition of the ADI Design Index 2012 with the selection of the chair Stratos and hanging lamp Yap.
ADI Design Index is the annual publication that collects the best Italian design selected by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI.
This is the second volume that will compose the list of candidates in the next edition of the Price Compasso d’Oro ADI.

Meet Design – Beijing Design Fair

September 28, 2012

The cultural heart of the Beijing Design Fair is Meet Design, the innovative multichannel platform realized by RCS with a wide program aimed at telling the main characters of the Italian and Chinese culture of living.
Design Time is the title of the exhibition cured and organized in China by Ico Migliore and Mara Servetto, Migliore+Servetto Architects, that follows the two important events held in Rome and Turin in 2011. A pathway through the Italian design icons with six important moments during the day that includes a selection of objects placed in sets showing scenarios of the everyday life.
The exhibition will also include Meet People, a series of meetings, talks, and discussions with Italian and Chinese companies and designers, and Meet Design Show characterized by dialogues, dances, images that will show the objects and the people that realized the best sellers in this sector.
Beijing – September 28 / October 2 2012

Featured Danese Product:
Cubo, Bruno Munari, 1957, posacenere;
Maiorca, Bruno Munari, 1958, portamatite;
Formosa calendario, Enzo Mari, 1963, calendario;
Timor calendario, Enzo Mari, 1967, calendario;
belvedere, James Irvine, 2006, specchio;
H&H, Paolo Rizzatto, 2007, scaffalatura;
Stratos, Francesco Faccin, 2011, sedia;
100percent AL, Ross Lovegrove, 2009, tavolo;

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The Blobterre of Matali 

September 28, 2012

The Blobterre of Matali 
Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Turkey
October the 12th to January the 13th
Istanbul Design Biennial


Wonderland – La Rinascente

September 28, 2012

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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September 28, 2012

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Macef – L’Opera Italiana

August 28, 2012

All’interno di Macef, L’Opera Italiana racconta ai visitatori il valore, la ricerca, la lavorazione, il design e lo “stile di vita italiano” in tutte le sue sfaccettature riunendo aziende dei più diversi settori che rappresentano l’eccellenza del made in Italy.


6-9 settembre 2012

fiera milano rho

stand Danese pad 1 S30



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LEED Certifications

June 27, 2012

Sensitization to the ecology of Danese translates itself into concrete and transparent choices .
Danese started an experimental research that is centered around the concept of “reduction”, which does not want to say though reduction of meaning and performance of the product. The design gesture today broadens its horizons and look to its responsibilities to a world increasingly in crisis. This approach results in the optimization of components and the synthesis of performance, the aluminum is recycled and recyclable, and the ease of disassembling is assured. The use of LED light sources ensures a reduction in consumption by about 80%, minimizing the impact of the use phase of the product life cycle and prolongs the duration of at least 80,000 hours.
“UNA PRO” is a patented system for LED lighting, consisting of a series of LEDs high power applied at close range of flat plate with reduced thickness, according to a configuration of the same and the materials that support them, which guarantees the achievement of particular performance in terms of brightness. In addition, LED lighting does not generate heat.
About the LEED standards , the great efficiency of UNA PRO is a perfect choice and functional achievement of certification in category score of Energy and atmosphere, but it is significant contribution to the achievement of other LEED credits ergonomics, the absence of mercury and light pollution.
To learn more about the contribution of LEED certification for environmentally friendly products visit


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Italian Center Shangaii

May 17, 2012




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light+building Frankfurt and Milano Design Week

April 14, 2012

light+building Frankfurt e Milano Design Week

Danese Milano is proud to presenting the new collection: come visit us! 

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May 9, 2011

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his birth, Altagamma Foundation has made a joint representation of the values ​​and symbols that characterize the high-end Italian. The project is Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence, a collection of snapshots made by ten young Italian reportage  photographers , coordinated by the Agency contrast, in whose gaze unconditional and didactic was entrusted with the task of restoring a new point of view on Italian excellence.

The images make up a unique mosaic that enhances “the beautiful, the good and the well done” of the Italian companies of excellence.

The project, curated by Cristina Morozzi, gave birth to a photographic book, published by Rizzoli and Rizzoli International, and a traveling exhibition, which kicked off in December 2012 at the Milan Triennale and continue to Shanghai Italian Center on April 29 2013.

Danese is represented through the shots of Marta Sarlo.



July 24, 2010

DUE from Danese Milano on Vimeo.


April 29, 2009

Francisco Gomez Paz from Danese Milano on Vimeo.


March 29, 2009

Matali Crasset from Danese Milano on Vimeo.

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