Gerardo Marì, 2010

Jepri is a magnet-based book holder system designed by Gerardo Marì for Danese metal bookcases. The choice of metal, throughout the years, has been the result of technological knowledge, manufacturing expertise and ecosustainable value acquisitions.
The book holder system is prominently made of a metal sheet that fits a magnet which can be applied to any metal top or surface. As a matter of fact, it is a simple product, but it comes in handy when one has to arrange working areas in functional, creative and flexible ways. It stirs, and so do Danese metal tables, inventiveness and originality.
Being a magnet-based system, it can be applied also to vertical surfaces becoming a small shelf, suitable for a glass, a cellular phone or other small objects. The shape has been designed to distribute and counterbalance weights, but at the same time it can be used as a safe edged shelf if necessary.
Jepri can be adapted to different environments according to needs.

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