Atelier Oï, 2015

A vase that contaminates a lifeless element – an industrial semifinished product – with nature.
An aluminium cylinder breaks up, with strips whose width decreases gradually, into rings that stretch upwards while tilting. It starts from a solid body and turns immaterial, thinner and thinner.
The project originates from an action, from the idea of opening the rings into a progression that changes each time.
Industrial processing turns it into an object whose shape is not modified, but rather carries on the idea of growth in its interaction with the nature contained within.
The structure stimulates contamination, seems to point out to a multi-level growth of nature, which finds within a way to support its own development.
Made of laser-cut anodized aluminium, it contains a clear glass element to accommodate flowers and plants.

“A vase based on decomposition of a material, a cylinder. Starting from a repetitive geometric shape, we used a cutting principle to create the effect of growth from the full base to the “filigree” end. The flowers merge into the structure with a series of multiple combinations.” (Atelier Oï)

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