Pigna was founded in 1839 in Alzano Lombardo, near Bergamo, by Paolo Pigna and his family. Today, after 180 years, Pigna's headquarters is still here. Since the beginning, the mission has been to create the best Made in Italy notebooks dedicated to students and workers. Even before the advent of television and advertising, Pigna notebooks contributed to alphabetize Italy and entered into the collective imagination of Italians, thanks to the graphics and design of their covers. Since the 1950s Pigna has expanded its product range to include pencil cases, diaries and today backpacks and colours for children. Today Pigna is a leading brand in stationery Made in Italy with the vision of motivating people, from children to adults, to rediscover, express and tell their uniqueness. Every day. PdiPigna is a brand that feeds on timeless and contemporary beauty: the values of Made in Italy that have made Italian design great in the world.

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