Since its foundation in the fifties Danese Milano has been a company that gives value to space. It does so with a catalogue of disruptive objects. The spirit of the time and the centrality of the human being are reflected in the importance that the company assigns to the choice of authors it involves. The quality of the materials it applies and the synthesis of forms achieved so far transcend seasonality. The creation of archetypes for the home and the office as well as the desire to design contemporary objects whose innovation is not diluted in the course of history is the furrow that Carlotta de Bevilacqua, unique administrator of Danese Milano since 1999, continues to trace, choosing to give back perspective without nostalgia to an historic company of the Italian design.

The story of Danese Milano is a narration of material culture, suggested functions, discreet pedagogies and practical beauty. The legacy of the founders, with the work done by Bruno Munari, Enzo Mari, Angelo Mangiarotti and Achille Castiglioni, is found in the catalogue where it continues with the projects of Matali Crasset, Elliot Erwitt, Marco Ferreri, James Irvine, Naoto Fukasawa, Martì Guixè, Jonathan Olivares, Paolo Rizzatto, Francisco Gomez Paz, Jean Nouvel and BIG.

Danese Milano over the decades has assimilated the artistic gestures that had characterized his beginnings to mix and spread them in the methods and challenges that have developed new products. This is how the energy of a contemporary vision coexists and is represented by the editions of Mimmo Paladino, the solutions of Yves Behar and the recent creations of Michele De Lucchi and Richard Hutten.

In 2017 and 2018 the artistic direction of the brand was given to Ron Gilad who reinterpreted the logo, dried the general catalogue and started to redesign collections of objects dedicated to the exaltation of minimal gestures, to the evocation of everyday practices where the relationship between man, space and project was marked by poetry. The poetic charge, the linguistic play, the refinement of the materials express the spirit of the time with forms and intuitions.

In 2019, under the artistic direction of Giulio Iacchetti, Danese continues this path facing the different registers of the project, from the small scale to the industrial dimension, without losing the creative push or the versatility of applications in different contexts of use.

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