Danese Milano - new logo

Creative Director Announcement

Creative Director Announcement
“ Ron Gilad, the new creative director of Danese Milano, will express his point of view on Danese collection with the installation ‘Fragments of Life’, during the next Milano Design Week. To emphasize the modernity of a brand that has marked the history of design, Ron Gilad added two small dots in the logo, like eyes open on the future of design: those of the new “vision” in the wake of the Danese roots. “

Carlotta de Bevilacqua

“ The DNA of Danese Milano carries a legacy that contains intellect, freedom, and exploration of daily life. Using minimum tools, research and modesty Danese managed to create an innovative language, a culture of useful objects that over the years became symbols. I found this playground to fit my personal way of thinking and be a fertile ground to both keep developing my past research on and to revive the Danese research, which started in 1957. I chose the title ‘Fragments of Life’ to frame the brands’ activity while keeping it open for interpretations.”

Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad was born in Tel Aviv in 1972. In 2001 he moved to New York, running his studio and exploring the logical and the absurd for 12 years. Gilad’s hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play. They sit on the fat, delicious line between the abstract and the functional. His works deals with the relationship between the object and its function, questioning our perceptions. Varying from one-o to limited editions and production pieces, the works have no “expiration date” and reside in both public and private collections worldwide. Gilad asks unceasing questions in 3D form and fabricates answers that create an arena for fertile doubt. Metaphorically, Gilad is a linguist; creating his own language. He learns the origins of “words” and develops “synonyms”. In 2013 he has been named designer of the year both by Wallpaper and Elle Décor. His designs for the Italian industry won numerous awards as well. After so many years of fruitful collaborations in Italy, Ron still doesn’t speak Italian...