Struttura Continua is a composition of modular elements, a perfect example of an “open work” where the final shape of the object is defined only by the end user and can be modified at any time. The construction process is similar to a natural growth process, where within the same family a great variety of more or less regular final shapes can be generated. It is composed of a set of corten strips folded in the center to form a right angle. Each element then has two thin cuts that go from the center of each of the two sides of each element towards the outer edge. These slots allow you to combine the modules together by interlocking. The forms obtained are always different, since the subjectivity with which each user can create compositions involves a non-deterministic variability in the final morphology of the structure. Struttura Continua opens to a creative participation that is part of the educational path developed by the author and closely linked to the design and production of art objects accessible to all.

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