The subjects of the “Serie della Natura” derive from the iconographic research that Mari has been developing since the early 1960s, “Il Vulcano” in particular is one of the subjects that enriches the collection later and one of Mari’s favorite themes. A metaphor for destruction/construction, it has repeatedly been the subject of Mari’s graphic studies and even more provocative projects. As all “Serie della Natura” is a form of naturalistic symbolic representation of an archetypal element, Mari seeks the “simple form,” the primary image capable of always soliciting new mental associations, regenerating the information of the creative message with each use. This serial art is intended to be an educational tool, a moment of encounter with the public and enlargement of its aesthetic experience. The path of re-editing prints of the iconic subjects of the “Serie della Natura” by Enzo Mari thus continues with the subject of “Il Vulcano” in the size 50x70cm, a format already realized in 1984.

Art Editions