This work represents the heads of spectators, at the cinema or theater, illuminated by the show, by the projection in the darkness of the hall. Three or five head profiles made of mold-cast glass in different colors are connected by a structural but moldable cable that powers the LEDs with which they are backlit. It is an open work of art, the characteristic heads of Master Paladino can be freely positioned, the cable connecting them shaped according to their arrangement on the surface to which they are attached. Materials and colors are combined with simplified, essential forms, in a balance between frontal vision and spatial perspective characteristic of Paladino’s works. This work opens to creative participation in the Danese tradition of producing art objects accessible to all. As in Munari’s works the end result can always be different thanks to the subjectivity of the person who composes it. In 2007 Mimmo Paladino had design a tribute to the centenary of Bruno Munari’s birth with the graphics “I Volti”. He now reopens the dialogue with Danese with these two-dimensional but materical profiles of faces that interact with space through light and freedom of composition.

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